Four String Confessions

Sereetsi & The Natives

This is the delightful combustion that happens when the foremost Botswana (Africa) four string folk guitarist schooled in the traditional rhythms and song of his people is put through classical, jazz and pop influences

Sereetsi & the Natives is a refreshing definitive reference in the contemporisation of folk music in Botswana and a unique voice in the World Music arena. The act presents a fearless new sound that is as forward looking as is rooted in the indigenous musical traditions of Botswana. Sereetsi’s signature is the Botswana (Africa) four string folk guitar and the many traditional rhythms of the southern African country. A songwriter, producer and author, Sereetsi has emerged as the foremost curator of this oral guitar tradition, thanks also in part to the release of his acclaimed book/CD, the first ever guitar instructional book/CD in Botswana, titled The Solo Four String Guitar of Botswana. The 83 page book resulted from a research of the Botswana folk guitar's tuning, chords, song form, origin and development. Sereetsi & the Natives employs master storytelling and poetic lyricism to offer commentary on light and dark themes such as love, conflict, pain, joy and hope. In Four String Confessions, Sereetsi & the Natives debut album, the songs cover some uncomfortable themes such as homosexuality in Robete, a controversial issue in Botswana, Africa and much of the world. The song talks about a family that has to come to terms with the fact that their son is gay. The family is excited when they hear that their son is bringing a bride home until they learn that the 'bride' is a man called Robert. Thaa Kokome addresses the pitfalls of adultery while Chankaneng is about a man who feels more at home in jail than among the free because society would not give him a second chance to start all over again. Ke Boletsa Mongwe talks about men who recklessly father many children with different women and then abandon them. It is also about women who often find themselves mothering several kids by different fathers who all dump them for others.

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